Increase Sperm Count NaturallyA lot of men relate to how manly they are with the amount of semen they can ejaculate during orgasm. This is absolutely false. Even though many men wouldn’t mind ejaculating a lot of semen during sexual encounters it in no way determines manliness. It is all in the mind. But there is a little truth in the fact that men do find it gratifying to ejaculate a huge load. It is because of this reason that men look for ways in which to increase the volume of their ejaculation. This article will provide you with 3 tips to have huge ejaculations.

Changes in your Diet

Here are some simple changes in your diet that can help improve your semen volume:

1. Drink a lot of water. Your body is 70% water and dehydration can lead to reduced semen volume. Keep yourself well hydrated to ensure an increase in semen output.

2. Consume foods like celery, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, parsley, oats, nuts and beans, lean meat etc., in your diet. Such foods are rich in zinc, proteins and essential fats such as Omega 3 that are important for production of testosterone. By increasing testosterone in the body, such foods can help enhance your semen volume considerably.

3. You must also quit smoking if you want to ejaculate more semen. Nicotine and other toxins in cigarettes can reduce your testosterone levels. Not just this, they can also cause DNA damage in your sperm and lead to fertility problems. Similarly, you must also avoid alcohol. It is a suppressant that increases cortisol and lowers testosterone in the body.

Semen Enhancers

Natural semen enhancers are a powerful concoction of all natural ingredients including some time tested herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can make your body produce more semen.

These supplements play a great role to help improve your semen production. This is by as much as 5 times within a few weeks. Such semen enhancers not only increase your ejaculate but also ensure stiffer and long lasting penis erections.

The positive effects of such supplements is that they can hep boost your sex drive. This can add some spice to your love life! Good quality semen enhancers are clinically approved and do not have any side effects.

Reduce Stress

If you want to enjoy better sex, you must try and reduce stress. Stress not only affects libido in men but can also lead to erectile dysfunction and reduced semen volume.

Basically, increases stress results in higher levels of cortisol in blood which tends to lower testosterone levels. Since testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for maintaining your libido and semen production, a drop in testosterone levels results in reduced semen production.

So, if you want to boost your semen volume, try reducing stress in your life. One of the best ways to do so is deep breathing exercises. Another great way is regular exercise. Regular workouts not only reduce stress but also boost flow of blood to the testicles which also has a positive impact on semen production.

If you can keep all of the above tips in mind, you will be able to see results in the amount of cum you ejaculate (read this article for a few more powerful techniques to achieve this). Don’t be disheartened if you don’t though. It may take a little longer, but the results will definitely show eventually.

sperm-taste-1097920_640Sperm taste can impact the quality of your relationship with your lover if this is something you share together. No matter how much they like you, you still want to avoid tasting foul to your lover. The taste of a man’s semen is definitely acquired. Some people like it and others do not, refusing to swallow it at all. The major complaint is that it tastes bitter-like bleach with salt in it. It can be a very bad turn off. It is possible to learn how to make cum taste good by doing a few simple tricks (You can read more by clicking here).

Your Semen is a Reflection of What You Eat

Bodies all secrete things like saliva, sweat, urine and semen that are affected by whatever you eat. The smell and flavor depends on the food you eat, so if you want to learn how to make cum taste good, pay attention to your diet and avoid eating curry, garlic or onions and other spices that will come out in your semen.

You Can Learn How to Make Cum Taste Good With Your Diet

Altering your diet will affect all of the secretions of the body, including your semen. There are supplements that claim to sweeten your sperm but most of these don’t really taste all that good. You need clean living and a healthy diet.

Reduce Your Intake of The Following

You can learn how to make semen taste good by changing your diet. Cut down on alcohol, junk food, drugs and cigarettes. Reduce your intake of foods that have a strong taste or smell that can be excreted by the body. Some fruits and vegetables are okay, but they are not all recommended. Bad vegetables include asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, kale, garlic, and onion-all of which contain a lot of sulfur that make the taste of cum bitter. You can learn how to make cum taste good by avoiding these vegetables. Cut down on curry that adds a flavor to cum.

Eat Your Green Vegetables and Drink More Fruit Juice!

Studies have shown that the semen of vegetarians tastes better than those that eat meat. This means you need to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of water and juice to help you body flush out toxins and bad tasting food. You need to drink at least two liters or quarts per day. Pineapple juice really makes cum taste better so if you want to learn how to make cum taste good, try pineapple or pineapple juice. Citrus products are also good because of their acidity which balances the natural alkalinity of semen. Fruit juices and regular fruit are sweetened items that will make cum taste sweeter. Try eating parsley, wheat-grass or celery as they are known to sweeten cum and they contain chlorophyll which is good for sperm.

In order to learn how to make semen taste good, you need to know that it takes your body about twelve to 24 hours in order to secrete what you eat so adjust your diet to include the best foods the day before you have oral sex.

woman-254720_640There are two types of men in the world; the dribblers and the shooters. The realization that you may be a dribbler comes when you notice that 8 out of the ten times you cum on a surface it flows out like a small river. While cumming is great both for your mental and physical health, dribbling may signify weakness at your very core. There is a reason most men will look for any means possible to ensure that they keep shooting. Sure, there are those times, once in a blue moon, when you will dribble. These can be forgive.

1. You last longer in bed

The main difference between men who shoot and those who do not is how long they last in bed or during masturbation. For the most part men who only last a few minutes after stimulation do not shoot. If they do, it is not a shot worth remembering or bragging about. The longer you last in bed before cumming the higher the chance of shooting a load that will be impressive and even worth filming.

2. You can impress a partner

Although they will not tell you, girls love it when a guy they are with can shoot a lot of cum. Somehow they feel like it shows how much she was able to satisfy her man. Besides if a one does not shoot there will be nothing to think about after the session because chances are it did not last long and was probably not that satisfactory. Even if you are not that good in bed, she will enjoy being with you because she loves watching semen shoot from your manhood. It will be a priceless experience when will want to hold on to. You always wonder why some women fall for their exes more times than can be counted; now you know.

3. Higher chance of pregnancy

Think about it this way, when you dribble, the semen does not go very far. This means that when the woman stands it will flow out, all of it. You will therefore not make her pregnant when you are trying to have that baby. The farther you shoot the higher up her cervix the sperm will travel. It will therefore have a better chance of finding her eggs and fertilizing them. Although there will be some that flows out, a majority will have swam to the areas they are meant to be. Finally, you will escape the phase of life when you have sex with a goal and go back to having sex for fun.

4. Better self- esteem

If you have watched porn, then you know how much and how far those guys shoot. The load they shoot just makes you feel the urge to shoot at least as far as they do. Working towards achieving this goal will give you a lot of self- esteem. Your junk may not be that big but if you can shoot that far and may be even that much, you will catch the attention of the women who are with you and those who hear about your “super power”.

cellulite-free-1274889_640Cellulite is one of the most troublesome cosmetic problems among women today. Doctors and medical professionals have spent years and countless of resources to come up with a solution to reduce cellulite. Before discussing further on how to reduce cellulite, you first have to understand what cellulite is. Cellulite normally happens when your skin is damaged and dehydrated, which weakens the inner tissue and skin cells. Losing weight alone will not reduce cellulite because your skin needs to restore its vital nutrients and become hydrated to regenerate.

The best cellulite reducing program is an overall systemic health improvement program. Improving cardiovascular and other circulatory functions, such as the bile system, will be much more effective than the use of a circulating band or other such cellulite reducing treatments. However, proper treatment of the skin should also become a part of the real therapy program, since the top layers of the skin need moisturizing and proper stimulation. The end result of such a comprehensive program should not only be cellulite reduction, but you will feel better because of the improved overall health condition.

Improving Circulation

To improve general circulation, there are several important factors. The first is the exercise for cardiovascular system. This is basically the result of some form of sustained exercise like swimming and jogging, which amazingly may actually tone your muscles and skin areas that are prone to cellulite production. A link may exist between sitting on one position for a prolonged amount of time and the creation of cellulite condition because it can cramp the circulation to such areas. When you are sitting, most of your weight pushes down on those areas and the action will squeeze the capillaries and veins in the area, which in the end can contribute to the creation of cellulite.

In order to improve your circulation, it is important to watch your diet and get into the habit of routine exercise and stretching. You should include lots of protein and juices in your menu, like cranberry juice, along with wheat grass and lots of water. Along with this approach, you can add stretching routines to your morning and evening activities. Then add a few additional exercises, like lunges and squats, to your program and you can see the dimples puff out and disappear.

Supplements and Topical Treatments

Nutritional supplements are available that have been proven to help restore the strength of your skin and thus reduce cellulite. These vitamins are guaranteed to make your skin appear firmer in only a few weeks. They will provide the important nutrients needed for the skin to begin the process of regeneration and reducing cellulite condition in all areas of your body.

In addition to nutritional supplements, you should use a tropical treatment to increase your chance to reduce cellulite. There is a serum that can be applied to help firm and tone the skin. The serum will improve the elasticity of your skin by smoothing out uneven skin textures. The serum usually contains encapsulated liposomes which deliver important nutrients to the skin so it can repair and reduce cellulite.

Cayenne pepper can be used to help jump start the circulation of the skin. Horse nut tree extract and tiger’s herb are useful to bring out smoother and firmer skin. Cat’s claw is also commonly used to make cellulite disappear so you can get rid of the cottage cheese look. A good anti-cellulite cream combines natural and formulated ingredients can be a significant help to successfully eliminate cellulite from your thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

An activating body scrub is the next step in this cellulite reducing program. This scrub will stimulate the skin and encourage detoxification. Sugar and Jojoba beads work well to exfoliate and hydrate your thirsty skin. Gotu kola and horse chestnut tree extract are effective to invigorate and entice the skin to return its original condition. For maximum moisture restoration, a body firming cream should be included in the program. Vitamin C is used to make your skin appear to glow and look healthy. The Shea butter restores necessary moisture to dry, damaged skin while soy flour and oat beta glucan return the skin to its original firmness as well as bring out the natural tone of your skin.

Eliminating cellulite is not an easy task, but certainly worth the efforts. By using a comprehensive cellulite reducing program, you will achieve your dream. You should always consider the fact that when you eat right and exercise, it does not only affect the cellulite you hate, but it will help to create an all-around healthier life. You will have stronger muscles to support your bone structures, as well as better digestion and food absorption. So, the next time you think of eliminating cellulite, think also of all of the additional benefits that you will get for doing so.

woman-358765_640Going down on her is something many men cannot brag about openly to knowing, as reality is that the same technique doesn’t work on every woman. In fact judging the whole experience, it can be considered as the most uncomfortable things men have to do sexually. However, if you want her to go crazy and satisfy her fully, there is no excuse. If you have no idea on what to do, fear not as here are some of the best techniques to go down on her.

Get the Perfect Position

All women know the best position to place themselves, to get that orgasm faster. However, start by getting her comfortable by placing a pillow just below her butt to give you that leverage. Don’t be shy and nudge her knees apart as wide as you can. This not only shows that you are ready to get down to business, but also will give you the necessary access needed to give the right stimulation. In the end, she will position herself unconsciously to what she desires.

Caress Her Everywhere

It takes an average woman up to 20 minutes to climax, when you are going down on her. To cut the time shorter, caress her and make her fully stimulated everywhere, until she is dripping wet. Kiss her inner thighs, her nipples, the small of her back, her lips and everywhere you can think of.

Tease Her

After warming her inner thighs with your caresses, breathe naturally directly on her clitoris to make her anticipate what is going to happen next. Go in by just the tip of your tongue, lick her going up and down. Try and also go side to side as some women love it that way. With her already squirming now dig in, gaining intensity. Be sure to lick her with thick strokes that cover the entire vagina and gain a rhythm in the process.


When you are performing oral sex on her most likely she seems to have nothing to say, as there are no words coming out of her. This does not mean in any way that she is not speaking to you. Listen to her responses and watch her actions. If she holds her breathe and after her long pleasurable moans, continue with the rhythm as she is ready to climax. Do not be tempted to pull away as unlike men once that sensation is gone, it can be gone for good and no matter how many hours you spend down on her it will never come back.

The Climax

When she is ready to climax, continue with what you were doing even if your tongue feels numb. Give it your all and you are sure to have a happy woman after it all. However, it is good to note that she may reach her climax without really announcing it, shaking all over the place. This should not dampen your spirit as her pleasure is what should matter. Worse still is that some women may not climax at all. In all this remember that all that matters is that she knows you don’t mind going down on her and she felt good. In days to come you will get serviced sexually in ways you never even imagined.

big-penis--1238714_640A woman often falls for a confident man, who she considers to be like an open book that she can read easily. That’s the reason why it is important for a man to have a big penis, not only to satisfy his woman’s sexual desires but also to help him build personal confidence and self-esteem. Indeed, the size of your penis can make a difference in how confident you feel when facing a woman.

Grabs Attention

A man confident enough about his penis size can make easy eye contact with the woman of his interest. Women are smart enough to catch the understated attitude in man’s behavior even in a crowd. Confident men grab instant attention from women. She comes to know he is capable of something and that is where the confidence comes from. Even if everyone else may not immediately understand why the woman treats her man with some degree of preference, the woman secretly knows her man is indeed special in some way.

Earns Respect

Not only women but also other men are equally curious to know your penis size. It is a man-to-man world where penis size is discussed like school grades. The higher the size, the more popular the man will be. It is very easy for other men to make out your penis size if they accompany you to the washrooms. Your smaller size penis can make you a subject of ridicule and bruise your self-esteem while a bigger one will surely earn you some respect among your peers.

Looks Attractive and Arousing

A man with a big penis is what a woman would prefer in bed. A big penis is considered attractive. In addition, a man with a big penis can easily arouse his woman. A big penis covered underpants can stimulate the nearby woman and gets attracted easily to it. A big penis creates a unique sensual allure and is often talked and hyped much by both men and women. When you know that you hold it by yourself, you are sure going to feel more confident.

Sexual Satisfaction

For most men, sex is all about penetrative process, unlike women who do enjoy foreplay. A man with a big penis can satisfy himself and his woman during sexual activity. A woman would love to take a penis deep inside and if his man falls short due to the small size of the penis, it would definitely put him to shame. A big penis of a man can give immense pleasure to himself and his partner. That is just how important it is to have a big penis and feel confident in bed.

Sign of Masculinity

Bigger is better and that applies even to penis size. The size of penis decides ones manhood. Although penis size is a secret affair, a man with a big-sized penis is considered a paragon of masculinity. Though often obscured, a big penis will surely make a man feel macho in the real world.

Evidently, the size of a man’s penis has a significant bearing on the level of his self-confidence and as it were, the bigger the penis, the higher the confidence.